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sucks that akb and other japanese media are the newest target for click-grabbing articles on trashy “news” sites

An actual analysis of this “AKB saw attack”


Well, to say this week was a stressful one would be diminutive. The attack at the akushukai event was a pretty shocking event that should’ve been handled with kids gloves due to its potential seriousness, but that didn’t stop certain people here in the west to use it as an opportunity to write atrocious hatemongering propaganda I’d wish it’d never been published. I’ve seen people wearing (undeservedly) the badge of “journalists” wave accusations of attempted murder way too lightly due to their prejudiced desires to blame it on one of “dem crazy otakus”, while failing at the job they were paid for. Not to mention the usual suspects mounting the usual tired anti campaign with their frankly stale and superficial polemics. Despite usually keeping my perusal of Japanese media to myself, I knew that this wasn’t a time to stay silent, I couldn’t bear seeing these individuals sling their mud at AKB over such a grievous matter just because of a childish dislike of the group. So, as said before, I compiled this summary of the event, based only on direct statements from the parts concerned and police reports — no bullcrap or vague guesses. Thankfully Japanese media followed the case pretty closely which left a quite long paper trail you can freely read for further details. I posted a preliminary stub at first, but I felt like some questions and answers needed to be refined with sources I previously overlooked, so now that the storm has calmed down here is hopefully the last update on the matter.

Q: Was the attacker even a fan, or an idol fan at all?
No, according to an interview with her mother she said she has never seen him bring in or keep any amount of idol goods at home. Further talks with acquaintances denied him ever being a fan or mentioning the group. No occurence of his name appear in the database history of applicants for theater shows and other subscription-based events. The man was revealed to have no interest in idols or musical acts at all.
Q: How did he get into the event, don’t you have to buy a specific CD version for it?
Later police investigations revealed that the only AKB-related items in his room were a mere two CD singles. Not surprisingly both of them were the edition containing a free ticket to the current Zenkoku Akushukai event, recently obtained with the clear intention (as the attacker himself confirmed) of using the passes to cause havoc at the gathering. An interview with the nearest music shop denied ever seeing him purchase them.
Q: Did he specifically want to assault AKB for any defined reason?
No, he himself admits he didn’t hold any specific interest for the group, any target was a good target for him. Indeed, he didn’t even know the names of the members he went on to attack.
Q: So why did he go to a handshake event of all places?
He was looking for a large crowd of people to assault and kill so as to broadcast his action, which is why he elected the closest large and accessible event planned at the moment. To better prepare the attack he even departed from home one day before with the excuse of going out for a walk and made his whereabouts unknown, ignoring all incoming calls from his family.
Q: What are his motivations behind the act?
By his own admission, it was a way for him to vent out the frustration caused by his long unemployment (started last December) and likely compounded by the worsening economic condition of his family, which he provided for with his part-time job. This violent act comes at the end of a long period of depression which also involved cases of classmate bullying (resulting in him quitting school) and self-wounding.

Other notes:
The HS even was held both for the release of Heart Ereki and MaeShika
An article including a brief list of the members who were on each lane
Description of fan terms and how to obtain tickets, for the laymen

Other references for Japanese readers, mostly about the attacker himself and the reactions he caused:


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